"Dedicated to professionalism and friendliness for fourteen years"

Welcome to the home page of Kreis Consulting, Inc. We have provided consulting services for Bay Area companies since 1990.

Kreis Consulting, Inc., is an independant company specializing in the fields of:

Custom Programming and Development
General System Administration
Quality Assurance Testing,
Test-Site Management for Beta Software

Having worked for companies ranging from start-ups to very large (5000+ employee) corporations, KCI is comfortable with all types of hardware and software.

Kreis Consulting, Inc. is proficient in :

Visual Basic, SQL (Microsoft SQL 6.5, 7.0, 2000)
Scripting Languages (such as awk, csh, sh, sed, to name a few)
Unix (i.e. Linux, Solaris, Digital Unix, etc.)
Custom DICOM and HL7 translators and message forwarding
We specialize in supporting the Canon Connector (CC-10), a.k.a.
HealthcareBridge or Databridge (DICOM to HL7 Translator)
and can custom configure all options and settings
Fast, Efficient and Courteous Service

Previous Customers...

Canon Research Center America

Appraisal from previous customers

We can be contacted at (650) 969-4907, or send e-mail to:

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